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About us

History of Nam Kha started in 2005. The first Tibetan Mastiff in our kennel was Hike – blue beauty. Now we have 8 TMs: Guru, Mantra, Olinka, Dagmo, Badir, Huri, Drakus and youngest Misia.

We are dog lovers! We want to breed perfect Tibetan Mastiffs: healthy, well socialized, beautiful and big! Each of our litter is well thought out.


Our story begins in 2005 when the first Tibetan Mastiff appeared in our family.

Beautiful blue girl stole our hearts, we were inseparable.

I was astounded by her wisdom and her ability to think, mash, and then theer was defragmentation of the disk, and when it came out, the command was to delete the memory 😀 ;-).

This text is written after 12 years completely from another perspective 🙂 but then it was a complete puzzle for me, that was able to make me furious, when she “pinched” my shoe from deep black to gray for 400 zł, or cause a smile when she fooled with us in the evening.

The whole family was running around the property. 

This is how our love began.

After some time I started to go with her to exhibitions :-). The beginnings were difficult, I had no idea what all these BOS, BOB meant, but over time … we got into it.

We were wonderful, Hike turned out to be a wonderful bitch, and in 2006 she won the Best Adult Breed (BOB) at the “Molosow” show in Warsaw. We acquired the Polish Champion title lightning fast.

Shortly afterwards, the decision to buy antoher Tibetan was made. Various circumstances made Kan-da come to us. Wonderful, wonderful, dear, cheerful girl, literally a Walt Disney cartoon dog :-). 

In the morning they were walkign with me in a slow pace to sprinkle and smell the flowers, and in the evening they turned into the house and family guard.

And that was how our life with Tibetans started to bloom and still continues today: -) ….

We will try to also put a lot of information about this wonderful breed on thsi page, not just pictures of our dogs. 

We wish you good reading and watching.






I appeared in Nam Kha for the first time in 2012 and so I stayed till today. Nam Kha are wonderful people, wonderful dogs and a magical place on a hill overlooking the fields, forest and huge lake Niegocin.

In the autumn of 2012, the first time I visited Agnieszka in the kennel there were 4 dogs: Kanda, Guru, Kunzang and a few months old, crazy Bao. Now there are, living with us 11 Tibetans and 4 pugs. Dogs are our whole life, everything revolves around them. This is the main topic of our conversations, and our holidays are trips to exhibitions 🙂 In breeding there is no such thing as free time, but we are happy and can not imagine another life.

Namkha in Tibetan means space (and also ether, sky, paradise). Space is a very important concept in Buddhist philosophy.  According to Tibetan scholars everything spontaneously arises in space and naturally dissolves in it. The modern discoveries of physicists seem to confirm this. There is no such thing as permanent, indestructible matter. Recognizing the impermanence of everything is one of the goals of Buddhist practice. There is only namkha and our mind, all the rest is a game of appearances, manifestations emerging from space. Recognizing this is a huge step towards enlightenment and the source of unlimited happiness.

In the Nam Kha kennel, the power of space from countless Buddhist treatises is felt in a special way thanks to the almost endless fields surrounding us, the eternal winds and the endless sky. The large, vertical prayer flag fluttering in the wind “spreads” ​​the Guru Rinpoche Mantra around the area.

Namkha is also the name of a ritual object (pictured above) used in Tibet already in the days of splendor of the pre-Brahmin tradition of Bon. Namkha is made of wood and colored strings and symbolizes the interpenetration of five elements: space – blue, fire – red, earth – yellow, air – white and water – green. The same color symbols also appear on the prayer flags.